The Experiences of the Ateneo de Davao High School Senior Students On the Use of MOODLE-Powered Online Learning Systems (OLS) in a Computer Programming Class

AUTHOR/S: Marinar F. Castro, Francis Donald J. Bendor, Benedict P. Maulingan




             This paper reports on a study conducted at the Ateneo de Davao University – High School regarding the online experiences and perceptions of the senior students related to the use of the newly implemented Online Learning System (OLS) in a computer programming class.  This study was conducted to assess the effectiveness of the OLS as a teaching-learning tool through the experiences of the senior students in their computer programming classes.   Specifically, the study wanted to find out the frequency of students’ use of the OLS, the students’ online learning experiences with the OLS, the students’ perception on the usefulness of the OLS, the enabling factors that promote easy utilization of the OLS, the challenges that the students encountered in using the OLS and the students’ recommendations to improve the OLS.

            This study employed the descriptive survey method using the online survey questionnaire as the primary tool in collecting data from all users of the OLS who were the senior students of the Ateneo de Davao High School.  Frequency and percentage statistical tools were used for the treatment of the quantitative data and codes and categories were developed to make sense of the qualitative data. 

             Findings reveal that the OLS is an effective teaching-learning tool as reflected in the students’ experiences.  Students find the OLS enriching and beneficial in engaging them in active and independent learning in their computer programming class.  However, the weaknesses of the system need to be seriously addressed in order to maximize the potentials of the OLS in making teaching and learning truly relevant and responsive to the needs of the 21st century learners.

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