The Establishment of a Meso-Scale Meterological Monitoring Infrastructure in Davao City

AUTHOR/S: Lourdes R. Simpol, Eduardo E. Descalsota, Nelson H. Enano, Rayman S. Zamora, Josef Rene Villanueva, Jenith L. Banluta

DATE COMPLETED: April 1, 2014



             The Automated Weather Station (AWS) Project of the Ateneo de Davao University aims to contribute to increasing the adaptive capacities of communities. Initially, this project gathered data on rainfall, temperature, and relative humidity. 

            The project established a robust weather monitoring system that fits the peculiar physical and institutional context of selected localities. It also defined the roles of stakeholders and partners both from public and private sectors in the maintenance and use of the system. The most visible output of this project is the pilot meso-scale meteorological monitoring infrastructure for Davao City. A website was developed to view the data gathered from the different automated weather stations located in sixteen sites in Davao City. 

         The Data that will be collected from the study can be used for risk management and planning tools for watershed management.

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