AUTHOR/S:  Michelle Banawan, Jose Mari Freires

DATE COMPLETED: February 24, 2014



             Graduate tracer studies provide important information that will help educational institutions assess the attainment of its vision, mission and goals.

             This research project involves the development of a graduate tracer tool using Information Systems development as the research framework. It is a web application that also allows the users to create custom tracer surveys applicable to their own contexts. It also includes the conduct of a graduate tracer study to Information Technology graduates of the Ateneo de Davao University in the recent five (5) years.

             The research project proposes a stakeholder-based framework in the overall conduct of the graduate tracer initiative, most especially during the Requirements Engineering phase of the development, and to view it as as ongoing process which starts while the students are still within the University and takes advantage of the web and internet technologies. This framework resulted to three specific survey types and target audiences that the tool is designed for 1. The Graduating Class; 2. The Alumni; and 3. Industry partners.

             With the iterative systems development as the chosen research framework, feedback gathered from the pre-tests and the prototyping generated relevant contributions to the development of the graduate tracer tool.

             According to M. Shaw (2003), Software Engineering Research (SER) may be those that (1) involve the implementation of a tool using a technique, or any formalism or (2) seek to implement a solution to a problem in a chosen context and use SE principles in this implementation. This paper is a combination of both and is deemed to have two contributions:  (1) to add to the domain of actual researches conducted that uses Software Engineering as the research method, and (2) the development of the Graduate Tracer Tool that conceptualizes the specifications of the requirements of academic communities for graduate tracer studies.

             This particular software engineering research result, i.e. the Graduate Tracer Tool, was validated using appropriate empirical methods.

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