Texture, Text and Context: A Journey into Mandaya Folklore

AUTHOR/S: Rhodora S. Ranalan, Pamela R. Castrillo, Maricar Gay V. Panda, Judith D. Dalagan

DATE COMPLETED: October 7, 2015

KEYWORDS: Folklore, Mandaya, Manay, cultural values and traditions, texture


             The folk literature of a community is a repository of its culture. As one of the ethnic groups of Mindanao that have become diverse through time, the folklore of the Mandaya is a rich source of their culture. This research intends to document this culture through the retrieval of its oral literature. The study employs a qualitative research method to retrieve, transcribe and translate the folklore of the Mandaya of Manay, Davao Oriental. Three Barangays of the municipality of Manay were included in the study and through nine key informants, yielded 21 folklore categorized into the following literary genres: Dawot (2), Bagi (2), Bayok (1), Panawagtawag (4), Babatukon (7), Uman-uman (3), and Panultihon (2). The textural features of the folklore include: lengthening of vowel sounds, the dropping of the H sound, and Affixation. Furthermore, these folklores were performed for entertainment and in social and spiritual contexts. Based on the text and context of the folklore collected in this study, there are five categories of Mandaya cultural values and tradition as far as their folklore is concerned. These are: respect for authority, reverence for nature, importance of dreams, chewing of Betel nut, and the ambivalent role of women.

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