Sustaining Community Communication: The Journey of Radyo Tacunan

AUTHOR/S: Judith D. Dalagan, Joseph A. Laroscain

DATE COMPLETED: February 10, 2015

KEYWORDS: Radyo Tacunan, Community Communication, Community Public Address System (ComPAS), Community Audio Tower, Community Radio


             This study entitled Sustaining Community Communication: The Journey of Radyo Tacunan describes the experience of Tacunan residents in running a Community Public Address System. It makes use of Pearce and Vernon’s theory on Community Management of Meaning. Through interviews, focus group discussions (FGDs) and document analysis, the study narrates the trials and triumphs of Tacunan rural folks in setting up the organizational structure and in operating their community radio. It reveals the commitment, volunteerism and sense of pride of community members in the continuous operation of the facility.

             It describes the benefits that the residents gained from this facility, specifically, technology transfer, travels, training opportunities and most of all development and progress in their barangay. It also probes into the facility’s sustainability amidst the rapidly changing landscape of Tacunan and the younger generation’s waning interest towards Radyo Tacunan. Lastly, it recommends re-organization, review of policies, retooling, re-establishment of ties with partner agencies and resource mobilization for Radyo Tacunan’s sustainable operation.

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