Students’ Perceptions on the Causes of Failures in Mathematics

AUTHOR/S: Ferdinand S. Bernales, Anper J. Ramos, Vun Leeu Ween Q. Romerde




               This study aimed to determine the students’ perception on the causes of Math failures in the Ateneo de Davao High School. Predetermined factors for causes of failures were categorized as follows: Self–Related, Environment–Related, Teacher–Related, and Teaching-Learning activities. This study also determined preferences of students with regard to: gender and age of teacher, study preference, level of motivation to learn Math, level of performance, amount of effort in studying Math, level of difficulty in learning Math, and level of enjoyment.  The respondents were 1st to 4th year students who had failing marks in any of the first three quarters of School Year 2011–2012. Descriptive–variable analysis through Cross tabulation was used for analysis. Findings of this study showed in general and by gender, that self–related factors were the most perceived factor that caused students failure in Mathematics. It was also found out that students prefer a younger Math teacher but they don’t have any gender preference.  They also preferred to study alone. The study also revealed they were motivated to learn, performed better in Math and had an easier time learning Math last year. However, the students exerted more effort and enjoyed Math this year.

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