Students Perceptions and Experience on the Science Leap: Its Effect on Students’ Academic Achievement in Science

AUTHOR/S: Marlon S. Royo, Cyril B. Lusuegro, Rijane Mae A. Labad

DATE COMPLETED: September 13, 2014



             This study was conducted to determine the perceptions of Science LEAP students regarding their LEAP teachers’ competence in terms of pedagogical knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge, subject matter knowledge, use of Information and Communication technology, and their perceptions about their Science LEAP schedule: time of LEAP class and number of LEAP sessions. It also sought to find out if there is a significant relationship between the students’ perceptions of teachers’ competence and their science academic achievements. This study also described the different experiences of students enrolled in Science LEAP. The study employed Pearson r correlation, simple Linear Regression Analysis, and Focus Group Discussions. It involved the entire population of the Science LEAP for the school year 2013-2014 from November to February. There were 140 students involved in the online survey using the Moodle software.The findings of the study led the researchers to conclude that Science LEAP students perceived their teachers to be competent in terms of pedagogical knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge, subject matter knowledge, and use of Information and Communication Technology.However, as shown by correlation and regression analysis results, their perceptions on their teachers’ competence have little importance on their academic achievement. Only their perceptions regarding their teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge is significant to their academic performance. Though 84.3 percent of Science LEAP students passed their science classes (118 out of 140), much can still be done to improve the effectivity of the program. The researchers recommend that science LEAP teachers will continue to look for ways to be more effective in terms of the art of questioning, teaching strategies and to continually evaluate the alignment of the LEAP program to our current science class instruction.

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