School Based Attribution Training: A Proposed Prevention Program for Youth with Prodromal Symptoms of Depression

AUTHOR/S: Ericson D. Batican

DATE COMPLETED: September 17, 2014



             The researcher sought to determine the efficacy of a School Based Attribution Training Program.  Participants included AB Psychology students at Ateneo de Davao University (n=14).  Inclusion criteria were T scores between 60 but not to exceed 75 in the depression scale (De) of the EPI.  Those with higher scores were excluded because they would need more intensive one-on-one psychotherapy. The School-Based Attribution Training Program was a five-week program aimed to address issues of adolescents with prodromal depression symptoms as determined by the Emotions Profile Index (EPI) and the Reynolds Depression Screening Inventory (RDSI).  The program included psychoeducation on Levenson’s Locus of Control and the application of the participants’ newly acquired knowledge through activities that were given immediately after the lecturettes.  Processing of the participants was religiously done throughout the program.  After five weeks, the participants were given a post-test to determine whether there were any significant changes in their scores.  It was found that there was a significant change in their scores both in the depression dimension of the EPI and the total score in the Reynolds Depression Screening Inventory (RDSI).  There were also changes in the Levenson’s Locus of Control Scale.  One of the major factors, which contributed to the effectiveness of the Attribution Training Program, was the skill, knowledge, and expertise of the facilitator both in clinical psychology and in handling workshops.  Recommendations given to further improve the program include increasing the length of time of each session and the use of a pure experimental design.   This program can also be utilized with participants belonging to different year levels, courses, and institutions.

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