REVISITING THE T’BOLI SBU OF LAKE SEBU, SOUTH COTABATO Towards the Development of a Culture-based Pedagogy and Curriculum for the Tboli Sbu Senior High School

AUTHOR/S: Augusto Gatmaytan, Ara Largo, Albert J. Santos, Rosalinda C. Tomas


KEYWORDS: Indigenous Peoples Education (IPEd), Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Practices (IKSP)


             This research study was undertaken to support the University’s goal to develop the proposed Tboli Sbu Senior High School in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. It conducted an ethnographic study of Tboli Sbu communities now being used as data source for the development of the senior high school’s pedagogy (process), curriculum (content) and learning assessment (evaluation).

            The research documented the Tboli Sbu’s indigenous knowledge systems and practices (IKSP) in three major areas of their lifeworld: resource and resource management; socio-political structures and governance; and arts/crafts and spiritual beliefs. It tried to discover how Tboli Sbus acquire, transmit and reproduce their cultural knowledge. It tried to capture the current knowledge and practice of Tboli Sbu communities in the midst of so much acculturation of external dominant cultures.

            The research initially drew data from an intensive review of related literature on the Tboli Sbu culture and the concept of Indigenous Peoples’ Education undertaken earlier. Field research was conducted, employing a participatory research process. This process was designed not only to draw the needed data to document the communities’ cultures but also to engage various community groups in the process of rediscovering their culture, and eventually, in establishing their senior high school.

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