Perceptions, Influencers and Baseline Enrollment Data of the Information Technology Education Programs: Its Implications in the Philippines K-12 Education System

AUTHORS: Novie Joy C. Pelobello, Randy S. Gamboa, Yancy  Vance M. Paredes

DATE COMPLETED: September 1, 2016

KEYWORDS: ITE Course Preference, Perceptions of IT Careers, Reluctance to Computing Profession, Reasons to Study ICT, Factors in Choosing Computer Studies, Senior High School Students’ Choice of IT Majors, Influences in ICT Careers, Knowledge and Interest in ITE Program


             Prior to the K-12 program, the ICT education of the Philippines is already experiencing the decline of high school students preferring a career in the three IT education programs, namely Computer Science, Information Systems. With the K-12 program to the enrolment data of ITE programs. The study was conducted to generate information on the underlying factors that lead to the decline of senior high school students preferring a career in the three IT Education programs of the Philippines. The study was piloted to major schools in Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS), Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM), General Academics (GA), Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

                 The study found out that Senior High School students are knowledgeable enough in Computer Science in terms of Software Engineering and Software Development. They also related Information Technology as a field that involves computer programming. The undecided students from the General Academics strand are aware that Information Systems discipline deals with Technology and Business knowledge or Technopreneurship. 

              The interest of STEM and ABM students are attributed to Mathematics. ICT students showed high interest in IT in terms of Software Development or Programming. All the other strands are interested in IT because of multimedia courses. ABM students with strong background in business and management courses tend to appreciate Information Systems as a field that involves management particularly Management Information System. 

          The study also revealed that there is a significant relationship between the knowledge of the students to their interest to choose ITE programs as their College degree. The knowledge, interest, dissuasion and motivation of students also significantly differ by strand. 

               The study also revealed that 60% of the students have not yet decided whether to enroll or not in ITE program (9% yes and 31% no). Only 22% of the students prefer BSIT, 9% for BSCS, 6% for BSIS, 6% either of the three programs, and the large 56% of the students have no responses. For students who prefer ITE program, 32% of them also preferred Business programs, 27%  for Engineering programs, 11% for Health-related fields, 12% for other programs like Education, Marine, etc., and 18% did not respond. The results are expected to provide baseline figures which can be used as reference for long term and sustainable planning, development and implementation of curricular, recruitment and retention programs of schools offering ITE programs. 

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