Occupational Hazard Encountered by Psychiatric Nurses in Davao City: Quantitative Research on Institutional Practices Employed

AUTHORS: Apple G. Alvarez, Magnolia A. Jadulang, Cynthia G. Villanueva




               This study identified, through self-administered questionnaire and FGD to probe results of the survey, occupational hazards to psychiatric nurses and existing safety practices to prevent such hazards. Respondents were from five mental institutions in Davao City. Findings indicated that most respondents are female, single, with one to five years of work experience in a psychiatric facility; that bacteria and viruses were predominant as biological hazard; that harsh cleaning agents were the most mentioned chemical hazard; that violence was the highest among physical hazards; and that stress was considered one of the top psychosocial hazards. Major existing safety practices mentioned were setting limits to patients, use of self-awareness, use of hand washing and keeping functional fire extinguisher. Level of involvement of nurses in safety practices was rated “very good”. Factors perceived as main hindrances to safety practices included: insufficient staff, existing safety practices not regulated, misinformation and no clinical hands off.

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