NATURAL FAMILY PLANNING: Experiences of Users in Areas Served by ADDU School of Nursing

AUTHOR/S: Liza G. Floresca, Loreto Deonaleth B. Estor

DATE COMPLETED: November 19, 2015

KEYWORDS: Natural Family Planning (NFP), Standard Days Method, Billings Ovulation Method


             The study wanted to discover success parameters utilized by NFP acceptors of Standard Days Method (SDM) and Billings Ovulation Method (BOM) which were introduced to 46 respondents of varied ethnicity and religious orientation coming from seven communities visited by Ateneo De Davao University – School of Nursing from 2005 to 2011. The findings were: recall of knowledge imparted regarding NFP was  erroneous, inadequate, or completely forgotten; reasons given for using NFP were: absence of side effects, no cost, couple preference, enhancement of couple intimacy; NFP methods adopted were SDM and BOM and an unexpected confession of  use of withdrawal which was not part of instruction but perceived by acceptors as part of NFP; challenges encountered were: husband’s resistance to abstinence, frequency of information dissemination needed by couples before learning correct NFP practice, fear of adding another offspring to the family considering economic constraints; and  Scripture-based responses uncovered doctrinal inclinations of participants. The respondents who claimed success and was confirmed to be successful observed wetness,  Billings Ovulation Method (BOM) and used cycle beads (SDM) altogether. The findings imply that the Catholic Schools being intent at promoting NFP, may review the curricula for secondary and tertiary levels and decide where to integrate NFP.  There is a strong implication of strengthening the NFP dissemination at the Pre Cana and parishes need to have intensive training for NFP counselors.

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