ETCHED IN MEMORIES AND LIVES: Two Centuries of Jesuit Presence in Mindanao

AUTHOR/S: Leah H. Vidal, Hadji A. Balajadia

DATE COMPLETED: January 08, 2016

KEYWORDS: Missiology


             This research endeavored to contribute to a deeper appreciation of the contribution of the Society of Jesus to the lives and histories of peoples and communities of Mindanao. The study hoped to draw insights that could inform present Jesuit mission work particularly their work with the indigenous peoples in Bukidnon.

             Focusing on Jesuit mission stations in Agusan and Bukidnon, this research reflected on the “missionary spirit and activity1 ” of the restored Society. It looked into how generations of Jesuit religious and their lay partners who labored in these stations, left indelible inspiration and influence that shaped the lives of peoples and communities of Mindanao through their lives and characters as individuals, communities and institutions.

              Using the lens of anthropology of experience, the research drew out people’s perspectives on the value /meaning of Jesuit presence in their communities and how this presence inspired/influenced the lives of people and communities in these areas.

             An outline of the history of each of the two chosen stations were drawn up through the rich archival accounts on the Jesuit Mission stations. Interviews with key informants were conducted to draw out their accounts/narratives on local experiences of Jesuit presence in the specific area.

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