Effect of Computer Games on the Academic Performance of Grade Six Pupils in Selected Catholic Schools in Davao City

AUTHORS: Rosalinda O. Wyatt, Lorelie A. Portillo

DATE COMPLETED: April 29, 2016



                This study determined the effect of computer games on the academic performance of grade six pupils in selected catholic schools in Davao City during the school year 2012-2013.

             This research was initiated to identify the game type most suitable to our teaching environment and to identify game elements that students found interesting or useful within the different game types.

             This study looked into the following: (1) the profile of the pupil-respondents in terms of (1) Pupils’ Profile: (1.1) gender; (1.2) parental monitoring; (1.3) type of computer games; (1.4) number of hours spent in playing on the computer; (1.5) game systems used. (2) Behavioral Factors: (2.1) pupil’s attitudes towards computer games; (2.2) study habits; (2.3) teachers’ perceptions about the pupils’ behavior. (2) the academic performance of the pupils in terms of the following subjects: (2.1) English, Science and Mathematics. (3) the significant relationship between the academic performance of the pupil-respondents and the hours spent in playing computer games.

             The descriptive research design was employed in the study with the questionnaire as the instrument. The study made use of purposive sampling on the pupil-respondents and parent-respondents and random sampling in the selection of the teacher-respondents.

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