Design and Performance Evaluation of a Micro-Scale Hydroelectric Power Plant for Energy Generation in the IP Community of Sitio Maluan, Marahan, Marilog District, Davao city

AUTHOR/S: Randell U. Espina, Renyl B. Barroca, Lourdesita S. Chan, Angelito A. Saluague, Eddie S. Paras, Leah J. Aportadera


KEYWORDS: Hydroelectric Power Plant, Crossflow Turbine, Radial-flux, Permanent Magnet, Synchronous Generator, Sitio Maluan, IP Community, Matigsalog


           This paper presents the design, fabrication, construction, and test performance of a run-of-river micro-scale hydroelectric power plant (HEPP) installed at the IP Community of Sitio Maluan, Marahan, Marilog District, Davao City. All major components of HEPP such as the forebay, penstock, powerhouse, hydro turbine and generator were appropriately designed, developed and constructed to suit to the extractable water from the identified source. With limited flow and head of water source, a crossflow type of turbine was designed and fabricated. Based on the transformable mechanical power of the developed turbine, a radial-flux permanent-magnet synchronous generator was designed, developed and tested for optimal production of energy. The generated power will be used to supply the electricity needs, primarily for lighting purposes, and for milling operation of the IP people (known as Matigsalog tribe) in the area.

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