Correlation Analysis of Ateneo College Admission Test (ACAT) Results and Scholastic Achievement

AUTHOR/S: Carlo Bambino Q. Bascon, Sampaguita C. Ytang




             This descriptive research correlated the ACAT data on General Average, English and Math proficiency tests to English 111, Math 11 grades, QPI of the lower class, and WPA of the upper class. It used year level and cluster data to determine significant difference in ACAT scores; and mean score, rank, pearson r, speraman rho, t-test, and two-way ANOVA to analyze data. Accountancy ranked first in ACAT scores for General Average, Math and English, average grades in Math 11, English 111 and QPI or WPA. There were moderate correlation to the ACAT scores when correlated to Math 11, English 111 and QPI or WPA grades of the students. There was no evidence that both year level and cluster significantly affected the ACAT scores. Results of the study will benefit the management of the admissions office, the languages and math departments, the deans and program chairs of the clusters under study.

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