Common Errors made by Grade 7 Students in Solving Word Problems

AUTHOR/S:  Marvin Jay B. Baclay, Archibard I. Ontoy, Cletus Dave C. Quintero

DATE COMPLETED: April 22, 2015



             This study aimed to identify the common errors made by the grade 7 students of the Ateneo de Davao University in solving word problems involving linear equation in one variable, and to determine whether or not the errors committed were related to gender and the primary schools attended.

              Using the descriptive method of research, the researchers gathered the population of errors made so as to identify the distribution of said errors and to determine whether any commonality, if any, exists among them. The study also investigated whether there are different patterns in the errors committed, i.e. so as to be related to gender and primary schools attended.

             The distribution of errors is found to be related to reading comprehension and test anxiety. No error type was considered common among the moderating variables. However, an interesting trend was observed in the distribution of errors when analyzed according to the primary schools attended. The study found that there was no significant relationship in the distribution of errors – neither by gender nor the primary schools attended. The results of this study may hopefully be utilized in designing future activities and instruction materials for remediation days and during Learning Enhancement Assistance Program (LEAP) classes.

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