Attitudes, Interests, Perceptions and Difficulties in Science of Male and Female High School Students of Ateneo de Davao High School (An EXIT Survey)

AUTHOR/S: Ms. Laarni Caranto-Cahulogan, Ms. Laarni C. Lorono, Mr. Cyril B. Lusuegro

DATE COMPLETED: July 30, 2013



             This study, an exit survey, aimed to find out whether gender affects the science-related attitudes, interests, learning difficulties and perceptions on teaching strategies of students at Ateneo de Davao High School and utilized the data in linking the existing science curriculum to the K-12 curriculum. All high school students of batch 2011-2012 answered the online survey through the MOODLE system. The survey tool used was an adaptation of the ROSE (Relevance of Science Education) study, tailored into quantitative and qualitative portions.  

             Male and female students showed positive attitude towards science and had n its importance in their lives. Both displayed high interest in General Science especially in Earth Science lessons as well as in Biology. Males, however, showed greater interest in Chemistry and Physics than Females.  Knowledge and Process and Skills were the common areas of learning difficulties, while simple demonstration, games and laboratory activities were the most preferred strategies in science classes for both genders. Chi-square analysis revealed that there is no significant difference between male and female students in terms of their attitude, difficulties, interest in General Science and in Biology. However, there was a significant difference in interest in Chemistry and Physics. 

             These findings suggest that Science Department must brainstorm and make plans of actions in reaching out more female students to like   Chemistry and Physics, must address the difficulties perceptively and must intensify more teaching strategies that suit the goals of teaching and align them into the framework of K-12 curriculum.

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