Abundance and Scarcity: A Theological Reflection on “Spiritual Starvation” In Public High Schools in Davao City

AUTHOR/S: Winifredo T. Nierras

DATE COMPLETED: November 9, 2014

KEYWORDS: Spiritual, Starvation, Formation, Students, School


             Based on the recollection activities undertaken, family problems and dysfunctions, poverty, and external distractions appear to be the prevailing experiences shared by students in public high school (PHS). Overall, the common issue is poverty which leads them to experience emptiness, and to search for meaning and purpose in life. Emptiness, meaning, and purpose are thus perceived to be the breeding ground of spiritual starvation. Therefore, this is a study on spiritual starvation of students in PHS. Inspiring the spiritual life of the people, particularly the young, is a mandate entrusted by our Lord Jesus Christ to His Church. The church and private catholic schools are hence responding to their spiritual needs. And to make their delivery of spiritual services to PHS become more comprehensive, more volunteers are needed. To address such a need, based on the results of the study, it was recommended that an office for the Spiritual Enrichment Program of students in PHS be established that will be responsible for religious instruction and spiritual activities of the students.

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