A Theological Reflection on the Impact of Theo 141 Practicum-Immersion to AdDU College Graduates of 2012

AUTHOR/S: Winifredo Nierras, Noriel Rogon


KEYWORDS: Practicum, Immersion, Students, Formation


              The research aims to gather and collect data pertinent to the impact of Theology 141 Practicum-Immersion to Ateneo de Davao University College Graduates of circa 2012. The study is using an individual assessment survey questionnaire with forty five questions formulated according to the Likert Scale type with four point scales. The respondents would select a negative (strongly disagree) or positive (strongle agree) position based on their individual personal experience during the practicum-immersion. The data reveal that changes in the attitude of respondent students which are imperative to social engagement are significantly higher; their practicum experience is meaningful; their realization to appreciate what they have in life is most prominent; and the usefulness of the practicum-immersion to their formation is very conspicuous and remarkable. The study is recommending that the data should be complemented and validated by a focus group discussion to be conducted in a separate study in the future. Then, subsequent to the validation, a separate research that would focus on the theological reflection should be conducted. 

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