A Survey of Ateneo High School Students’ Knowledge, Perception and Practices of Ecoteneo Activities

AUTHOR/S: Eleanor P. Corcino, Carlo T. Magno II

DATE COMPLETED:  March 23, 2015



              This action research aims to survey the Ateneo High School students’ knowledge, perception and practices of Ecoteneo activities.  This covers all Ateneo High School students enrolled for SY 2013-2014.  The survey employs an online questionnaire using MOODLE at survey.addu.edu.ph.

                        The survey respondents across all grade levels in the Ateneo de Davao High School campus have adequate knowledge of the Ecoteneo activities and practices.  Initially, inconsistencies were observed between students’ practices inside the school and their practices outside the school particularly in their homes due to the differences in the extent of the enforcement methods thereof. The survey also revealed that most students were involved in different Ecoteneo Activities and that they were greatly concerned in its sustainability.  They found it relevant and helpful in improving the conditions of the campus like cleanliness and orderliness.  However, students found certain practices to be irrelevant at present, e.g. monitoring the segregation bins. Furthermore, they also suggested that the implementation of the activities be promoted in a positive manner, i.e that Ecoteneo activities must be responsive to the current movements of this younger generation.  Finally, they recommended that the school needs to strengthen the enforcement of such practices. 

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