A Philosophical and Theological Discourse on Social Justice: Creating a Social Formation Framework for Ateneo de Davao University

AUTHOR/S: Renante D. Pilapil, Ma. Isabel S. Actub, Ian Clark R. Parcon


KEYWORDS: distributive justice, social justice, faith and justice, capabilities approach, postcolonialism, Ateneo de Davao social formation


             A theological and philosophical discourse on social justice brings together a multi-dimensional reflection on the longstanding theme: faith and justice.  The theological part gives primary emphasis on the faith dimension with reflections from the various documents of the church that shows the interplay between faith and justice.  The philosophical dimension provides the rational grounding for the discourse on justice which in this study focuses on the expansion of the resourcist approach through critique from the capabilities approach and from postcolonial theory.  The mutual correction that happens among contrasting philosophical thoughts and between philosophical and theological reflections brings out not just the divergent points but the points for convergence.  This allows for key principles to surface which constitute a contribution to the social formation framework of Ateneo de Davao University.  This social formation framework shows the movement from the individual person to his/her interpersonal relationship and extending to the role of social and environmental structures as well as to the more transcendental dimension of faith.

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