Students’ and Teachers’ Perception on Teachers’ Teaching Strategies Related to the Use of Audio-Visual Materials and Equipment in Ateneo de Davao Junior High School

AUTHOR/S: Joan M. Abejaron, Sarah P. Ladroma, Virginia C. Ople, Isabel E. Sosmeña

DATE COMPLETED: March 14, 2018

KEYWORDS: Audio-Visual Materials, Efficient and Judicious Use, Teaching Strategies



           This descriptive study using qualitative and quantitative approaches was conducted to know the perceptions of Ateneo Junior high school students and teachers on the teaching strategies related to the use of Audio-Visual materials and equipment. Respondents’ population was 1460 from grades 7-10 students in all subject areas enrolled in SY 2015-2016. Focus Group Discussion and self-administered questionnaire were used in data gathering. Data were described in frequency, mean and inferential (ANOVA) statistical tools. Findings revealed that there is a significant difference in the level of students’ perception on the effectiveness of teachers’ use of AV materials and equipment when grouped by subject area. The teachers perceived that they are judicious in using AV materials and equipment most of the time. It is recommended that teachers’ capacity on the use of MOODLE be strengthened and an ADDU-JHS customized assessment tool to determine efficient and judicious use of AV materials be developed.





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