Sea Port Operation: The Case of Sasa Port in Region XI

AUTHOR/S: Cleofe A. Arib, Jocelyn G. Joson


The transportation sector is a strong factor in terms of economic and regional balanced development, as well as also having a great influence on national integration to the world economic market. Ports are one of the primary components of the general transportation sector and are nowadays linked to the expanding world economy. One of the considered major ports in the country is the government-owned Sasa Port. It is servicing the needs of the Davao region and neighboring areas. It is strategically located within Davao City and it possesses the ideal environment for a commercial port. For the recent years due to its delayed modernization and upgrading of equipment, the government has incurred opportunity loss. For 2015 alone, the government has foregone approximately P317 million in government revenues. It is expected that this loss will ballooned to an accumulated of P1.84 billion pesos in the next 5 years.



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