Radical Democracy in the Time of Duterte

AUTHOR/S: Christopher Ryan B. Maboloc

DATE COMPLETED: October 29, 2018

KEYWORDS: Radical Democracy



          The ascent to power of Rodrigo Duterte is perhaps one of the most astonishing political developments in our time. A radical revolution is rooted in the language of dissent of the Bisaya. However, the critics of the president insist on the sociology of power as the real motive behind the man. Using Chantal Mouffe’s modern theory of democracy, it will be argued that Duterte’s radicalism is symptomatic of the political tensions in nation-states. Mouffe believes that the logic of identity in the liberal state has disappeared. The radical approach to politics, which stands in opposition to the elitist type of democracy in the country, does not arise out of a consensus, but in the necessity of conflict and antagonism that characterizes the politics of nation-building in post-colonial Philippines.


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