Maximized Utilization of Philippine Pineapple Waste

AUTHOR/S: Fr. Antonio M. Basilio, S.J., Doris B. Montecastro

DATE COMPLETED: October 29, 2018

KEYWORDS: pineapple waste, pineapple, bromelain, cashew leaf



          Bromelain, a valuable enzyme present in all parts of the pineapple fruit, was shown to be separated and protected by complexation with polyphenols. This study aimed to establish a crude but low-cost procedure for the collection of solids with active bromelain using industrial pineapple waste and polyphenols extracted from cashew leaf. It is an alternative method that allows solids that generally have high protease activities at the expense of lower density of activity in the solid. Given the simplicity and low cost of the procedure, this method can be of benefit to smaller pineapple businesses that could profit from obtaining an otherwise expensive supplement using their production’s waste.


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