Mapping of Organic Farms in Davao City

AUTHOR/S: Jocelyn G. Joson, Cleofe A. Arib, Crizelda A. Fuentes


Organic farming is a system wherein the land is cultivated and crops are produced in such a way that promotes the sustainable health and productivity of the ecosystem. Although organic farming is yet to be embraced by most of our local farmers, the advantages and benefits derived from it, has led to its growing importance in the agricultural sector.  In fact, the country is set to go all natural in agriculture, through Republic Act 10068 also known as the Organic Agriculture Act of 2010. Several organizations are now engage in organic products and farming. Their main objective is to develop poor communities into sustainable communities through social enterprises. However, there is no sufficient data yet as to their number and as to the type of products that they mainly produce.

The result of the study has created a database of organic farms in Davao City containing the following information: Legal form of business of organic farms, level of certification, crops cultivated, production volume, major products, age of the farm, farm size (in terms of hectares), number of employees working in the farm, average age of employees and market outlet. Another database was also created as to the demographics of farm owners in the City which includes the following information: Age, sex and educational attainment.  A map was also created showing the locations of these organic farms in the City. The study was also able to uncover the common problems faced by organic farmers in relation to their organic farming business. 




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