Development of UMBRA – Student Management System (SMS) Mobile and Desktop App (Beta Version)

AUTHOR/S: Christine M. Valencia, Rhea Mae C. Panaligan

DATE COMPLETED: June 15, 2018

KEYWORDS: Student management system, Web application, Mobile application



          The development of a child does not only rely on the teacher. The parents also act an important role when it comes to the child’s formation. That is why teachers try their best to reach out to parents to ask for their intervention. The common strategy used by teachers to communicate with the parents is through Parents Conference where teachers can discuss academic progress, goals, and concerns with the parents. While considered as the best way, it is not always successful since there are parents who cannot attend such an event, thus the conflict of schedule. For this reason, a parent’s conference is set along with the card day. However, with this approach, issues will arise especially when a child fails a subject, and a parent is left with no idea as to why his/her child got a failing mark.

       To resolve this, the proponents developed a prototype of a student management system that allows a parent to monitor his/her child’s academic performance. The system includes a web application and a mobile application. The web application will be used by the grade school level heads and other administrators for data processing and management. These include storing class information of each of the faculty members and dissemination of announcements to the parents. The mobile 2 application, on the other hand, will be offered to the parents and will be used to monitor their child’s grades and to receive announcements. The goal of this system is to assist the teachers in informing the parents about the academic standing of their children.




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