Couples’ Experiences of Responsible Parenthood: Case Studies in AdDU NFP Service Extension Areas

AUTHOR/S: Ma. Nelia C. Ruta, Trisha Isabel F. Guioguio, Marie Josephine J. Serra

DATE COMPLETED: October 2019



This study, entitled “Couples’ Experiences of Responsible Parenthood: Case Studies in AdDU NFP Service Extension Areas”, is a descriptive qualitative study that aimed to know important features and significant elements in the couples’ experiences of responsible parenthood in Davao City. With the use of case study research design, the researchers gathered data through in-depth interviews. The participants of the study were couples who achieved their desired family size by means of Natural Family Planning methods. The husband and the wife were interviewed by male and female interviewers, respectively. Using the Colaizzi method, repeated readings of the interview transcripts were made to formulate meanings and identify themes from the participants’ statements. The results of the study imply that modernizing, simplifying and integrating technology in NFP procedures is important to address challenges in the use of NFP. It is also important to look into possible concrete collaboration with other NFP stakeholders to add IEC materials that focus on couple communication. The results also imply that the role of the husband is crucial and it is important for NFP stakeholders to focus on organizing them to share their experiences or best practices in NFP. It is also suggested that health workers be continuously educated on current or new developments in NFP and that professional services need to meet the worldwide standards.



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