Characterizing the Drug Offenders of Davao City and Tagum City (2009-2014)

AUTHOR/S: Pilariza Rancho-Baldovino

DATE COMPLETED: June 29, 2017

KEYWORDS: Characterizing the Drug,  Drug Offenders



  “Characterizing Drug Offenders from Davao City and Tagum City (2009-20014)” shows the profile of 65 accused from 214 criminal cases filed before the Regional Trial Courts in Tagum City and in Davao City for violation of R.A. 9165. Likewise, it also reveals the accused’ common reasons and their defenses to contest their arrest in court.

  The study uses qualitative description using content profiling of the accused from the cases filed in court and Key Informant Interview.

  The study shows that most of the accused are from 21-40 years old; majority are males and married, and mostly either unemployed or engaged in small-time informal business. Most often the accused were caught in buy-bust operations while a few were caught in flagrante delicto. Most accused prefer shabu than marijuana.

  The accused raised these reasons for their involvement: (1) source of income; (2) family business; (3) request to carry; (4) drug addiction and use; (5) future use; and (6) influenced by friends. The usual defense include (1) denial; (2) alibi; (3) instigation leading to a buy-bust; (4) framed-up; (5) palit ulo; (5) planted evidence; (7) legality of search, seizure, and arrest; and (8) chain of custody.

  The study recommends that to minimize violations of R.A. 9165, an intervention measure should be formulated for those charged with selling and possessing dangerous drugs. The measure will focus on the formation of value integration; it will be anchored on the Ignatian paradigm of experience, reflection, action, and evaluation. Furthermore, Law Schools in Davao City and Tagum City should include in their Extension Programs through their practicum courses a similar intervention measure designed for communities identified to be the breeding ground of violators of R.A. 9165.

[drug offenders, accused profile, accused reasons, accused defenses, intervention measure, extension program, formation program]

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