Bullying Tendencies, Victimization and School Violence Anxiety of Grades Four, Five and Six Pupils of a Private Grade School in Davao City

AUTHOR/S: Myra P. Mirto


This study sought to determine bully-victimization tendencies, bullying distress and level of anxiety towards school violence in a sample composed of Ateneo grades four, five, and six students. The variables were measured using the Reynold’s Bully-Victimization Scales for School, and using descriptive statistics to look for trends in the data. Since the study looked into the bullying phenomenon as it happened among pre-adolescents, the study based on theories most appropriate for their age and context.

Respondents’ tendencies for bullying is on average level. This means that the majority of students who joined the study are less likely to be involved in situations where they are bullying other students. However, they had clinically significant victimization tendencies on the average. Majority of the students in the study may perceive that they are highly prone to bullying and that they are manifesting significant psychological issues because of it.

Bullying distress is normal across all grade levels and the study population as a whole. There was also normal school violence anxiety among the respondents across all grade levels. It shows that the majority of the students did not feel anxious about violence in school during the study.
For a more comprehensive data, future research endeavors should include both qualitative and quantitative analysis and consider as many possible respondents so that the results will not be limited to correlation of the bullying scales to the grade level of the respondents.


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