A Documentary History of Muslim Mindanao

AUTHOR/S: Heidi K. Gloria


The compilation of these 2-volume work on the documentary history of Muslin Mindanao stems from the need for a comprehensive understanding of the present problem in Mindanao-Sulu. Unknown to most Filipinos, Muslim secessionism and the endless sporadic wars fought with various Muslim groups have a long history rooted in grievances and injustice inflicted on the Muslim peoples over the course of almost five hundred years. The conflict originated in religious differences with the Spanish colonizers who attempted the conversion of the Muslims of the south to Christianity as they did with the inhabitants of Luzon and the Visayas. However, the Muslims led by the Tausug, Maranao, Maguindanao, and Buayans, who were more politically advanced and equipped with a superior culture fought back relentlessly to defend their religions and way of life. Through the centuries of colonial rule by both the Spaniards and Americans the effectiveness of Muslim resistance grew less and less, weakened as it were by modern weapons and more powerful socio-political forces. The Moro Wars of Spanish origin became the Moro Problem under American rule and was later transformed into the Muslim insurgency cum secessionism under the present Republic of the Philippines. The twist and turns of the conflict attest to the determination of the Muslim peoples to continue fighting from one generation to the next to defend their homeland and their religion, Islam.

These volumes catalogue the various documents beginning with the Treaty of Paris of 1898 and ends with the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) awaiting approval by Congress. They are proofs of the historic injustice that had caused the Muslim grievances over hundreds of years. Those who will read these document unhampered by prejudice against the Muslim will profit from a new historical perspective on Mindanao-Sulu.

This work was made possible by a two-member team; myself and Ms. Leah Apsay. I am grateful for her participation in the collection and compilation of the documents in these two volumes. Likewise, I wish to express my thanks to Dr. Mansoor Limba of the Institute of Islamic Studies of the Ateneo de Davao University for having contributed one important document, the Dansalan Declaration. My appreciation also goes to my students assistant, Piolo Dosdos for assisting the research in various ways.



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