Call for Proposal SY 20221-2022

The University Research Council issues this Memo as a follow-up to its immediately preceding University Memo 2021-2022-03 Calling for the Submission of Research Proposals. It invites all full-time faculty members, administrators, and regular members of the non-teaching personnel to submit a research proposal for review, approval, and grant. But most of all, it encourages faculty members, especially those from the Higher Education Units, to submit research proposals for funding support om the following research topics in addition to the earlier published Research Agenda,

  1. Critique of the (a. Bangsamoro Education Code, b. Bangsamoro Administrative Code)
  2. Critique of the Executive Order 127 “Expanding the  Provision of Internet Services through Inclusive Access to Satellite Services”
  3. Re-opening of Mining in the Philippines
  4. Theologically/Philosophically-based studies integrating Science and Faith
  5. Studies on History of Mindanao
  6. The consortium of Ateneo Schools in Mindanao: Rationale, Accomplishments, Challenges, and Prospects

The Council re-attached the previous document for details