Request For Full Research Article Feature on URC Website

Please know that the University Research Council is currently upgrading its website. One of the improvements made is the uploading of the abstract of each completed research. Together with this is a statement that any request for a full article depends on the consent of the author/s. The underlying concern for the latter is the protection of intellectual property rights.

Google also indexes the site. Hence, the likelihood of us appearing on the search list when someone searches for any keyword found on our website. Besides, our site contains an app that record number of visit to your research abstract.

Please open the site, for your reference.

Requests for full articles have now started. In anticipation may we ask that you, please furnish us a soft copy of the full article and a statement expressing consent for the sharing of the material and the conditions by which you want it used at the soonest time possible.

Your quick reply to this notice will be highly appreciated.

Download Memo: memorandum_no_2016-2017-06