Guidelines for the University Recognition of Personal Research


The University is committed to the promotion of Truth, a pledge that as an institution, together with its faculty, it binds itself to fulfill. Since research, among its integral function, is key to the realization of such commitment, required enabling mechanisms were set in place. The conduct of institutional research and its dissemination for greater utilization demonstrate that these mechanisms work.

Recognizing that the curiosity which stirs research cannot simply be contained within the domain of the University, its advancement shall be encouraged by allowing the movement from both sides of the boundaries set apart by institutional spaces to interact in a symbiotic manner. In this light and in consideration of the premium placed on the demonstrated research competence of its personnel, the University is challenged to broaden the platform upon which the same recognition is based. Such that at any instance when this is recognized as when the personnel is contracted in their personal capacity by other institutions/agencies/organizations to undertake research, the University would not be one remised from giving notice.

This broad perspective framing the decision to recognize personal research remains cognizant of the implications this may bring in the areas of consistency with policies concerning other functions, agenda, administration and operation and goal relative to relevant agenda. Hence, the following principles and procedures are set forth.

Complete file: Proposed Guideline for the Amended URC Norm that Recognizes only the Institutional Researches to Now Include Personal Research