Amendment of Sec. 3.8 of the University Research Manual

Based     on the recommendations of the University Council for Research (URC), the University President has approved last July 25, 2011 the amendment of Sec. 3.8 of the University Research Manual (Allocation of Management Fee/Overhead Cost of Research Projects).

The new policy stipulates that, “All externally contracted/commissioned researches shall pay the University a management fee/overhead cost in the amount corresponding to ten per cent of the over-all project cost.  The three per cent share of the former Research and Publication Office from the referred management fee/overhead cost shall be reverted to the initiating Division/Program/Office. Thereby increasing the share of said offices to five per cent. The other five per cent shall remain with the general fund of the University. Should the University Publication Office (UPO) conduct research, its share is to be reverted to URC and shall be held in trust in a separate account and shall be disposed subject to the guidelines jointly formulated by URC and UPO.”

This new policy is held effective July 19, 2011 (the date when the University Research and Publication Office was converted into the University Publication Office) until repealed.

For your information and guidance.

Complete file: Memo] 11-08, Amend 3.8