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What is URC?

One of three coequal Councils of the University, the University Research Council (URC) is mandated to promote, encourage and celebrate research and publication in the University. It is a collegial body of seven researching peers who are appointed by the University President.

The Council is headed by a Chair who is elected by the members from among themselves. The Chair is assisted by an Executive Secretary who is likewise chosen in the same manner as the Chair. In the performance of its policy-making function, the Council is aided by its standing committee, the University Research and Publication Committee (URPC) and the University Office of Research Services (UORS). The staff of UORS reports directly to the Executive Secretary.

The members of the Council are to serve for a period of three years. A member may resign from the Council prior to the expiration of the term subject to the approval of the University President. Any vacancy shall be dealt with by the President.

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