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TitleAuthor/sJournalDate PublishedLinkISSNIndexedUnit
Nitrile glucosides and rosmarinic acid, the histamine inhibitor from Ehretia philippinensisLourdes R. Simpol, Hideaki Otsuka, Kazuhiro Ohtani, Ryoji Kasai, Kazuo Yamasaki, Phytochemistry :36 (1): 91-951994 0031-9422YesTropical Institute for Climate Studies and School of Arts and Sciences-Chemistry
Characterization of four ribosomal RNA operons in the genome of Agrobacterium tumefaciens MAFF301001J-ney B. Zapanta, Katsunori Suzuki, Kazuo YoshidaNucleic Acid Symposium Series, 2 (1): 91-92

2002 1746-8272 (Online) 0261-3166 (Print)YesSchool of Arts and Sciences - Biology
A Proposal on Judicial Reform in the PhilippinesRodolfo M. ElmanMindanao Law Journal 1 (1): 86-9020071908-7969NoLaw School
Learning Strategies and Literary Response: Negotiating Meaning in the Literature ClassroomRhodora S. RanalanUIC Research Journal 17 (1)2011NoSchool of Arts and Sciences - Mass Communication
The Japanese in DavaoMacario A. TiuTambara 28: 31-4220110117-6323NoSchool of Arts and Sciences - Humanities
Development of Multidimensional Self-Concept Scale (MSCS) for Filipino College StudentsEricson D. BaticanAdDU-SAS Graduate School Research Journal 8 (1) 642011
NoSchool of Arts and Sciences - Psychology
Marcuse: Negative Thinking, Critical Social Theory and PhilosophyJamil L. MatalamPhilosophical Association of the Visayas and Mindanao 102011 of Arts and Sciences - Philosophy
Social Justice and MiningFr. Joel E. Tabora, S.J.Tambara 29 (1): 93-10120120117-6323NoUniversity President
Part Time Instruction: A Comparative LensRhodora S. RanalanUIC Research Journal 10 (1)2012NoSchool of Arts and Sciences- Mass Communication
Effect of Simulated Acid Rain on the Morphology of Galvanized Iron and its Elemental AnalysisTender P. FerolinTambara 30 (1): 57-7120120117-6323NoSchool of Engineering and Architecture - Chemical Engineering
John Dryzek’s Discursive Democracy and Environmentalism in the PhilippinesIan Clark R. ParconTambara 29 (1): 73-7120120117-6323NoSchool of Arts and Sciences - Philosophy
On-line Sample Concentration Via Micelle to Solvent Stacking of Cations Prepared with Aqueous Organic Solvents in Capillary ElectrophoresisJoselito P. Quirino, Agnes T. AranasElectrophoresis, 33 (14): 2167-2175 2012 (On line)YesSchool of Arts and Sciences - Chemistry
Online Transient Micelllar Phase Concentration of Anions Using CTAB in CEJoselito P. Quirino, Agnes T. AranasJournal of Separation Science (December, 2012): 35 (24): 3514-35202012 1615-9314 (Online)YesSchool of Arts and Sciences - Chemistry
Polarization Elipse and Stokes Parameters in Geometric AlgebraA.G. Sugon Jr., Q.M. Fr. Daniel J. McNamara, S.J.Journal of the Optical Society of America A: Optics and Image Science 29 (1): 89-962012 (print), 1520-8532 (online)YesSchool of Arts and Sciences - Environmental Science & Physics
Synergistic Effect of Field Enhanced Sample Injection on Micelle to Solvent Stacking in Capillary ElectrophoresisHeidi R. Rabanes Agnes T. Aranas, Natalie L. Benbow, Joselito P. QuirinoJournal of Chromatography A. (7 December, 2012): 1267: 74-492012 2157-7064YesSchool of Arts and Sciences - Chemistry
Simultaneous Electrokinetic and Hydrodynamic Injection with On-line Sample Concentration via Micelle to Solvent Stacking in Micellar Electrokinetic ChromatographyJoselito P. Quirino, Agnes T. AranasAnalytica Chimica Acta (2012): 733: 54-592012 of Arts and Sciences - Chemistry
From Psychologism to Personhood: Honneth, Recognition and the Making of PersonsRenante D. PilapilRes Publica 18 (1): 39-512012 (Print) 1572-8692 (Online)YesSchool of Arts and Sciences - Philosophy
Comments and Observations On Medical Negligence: Law and Jurisprudence (1997-2009)Jess Zachael B. EspejoMindanao Law Journal 4 (4): 47-5620131908-7969NoLaw School
Stakeholder’s Caucus on Executive Order 79s. 2012Manuel P. Quibod, Faye Risonar-BelloMindanao Law Journal 4 (4): 71-8420131908-7969NoLaw School
The Systems of Checks and Balances: A Look at the Commission and AppointmentsJazzie M. SaronaMindanao Law Journal 5 (4): 85-9620131908-7969NoLaw School
Of Interest Rates and the New 6 Per Cent per Annum Legal InterestJazzie M. SaronaMindanao Law Journal 4 (4): 85-9620131908-7969NoLaw School
Chief Justice Panganiban’s Dissent: A Brief ObservationRiza P. BaldovinoMindanao Law Journal 4 (5): 7-1820131908-7969NoLaw School
Susceptibility to CorruptionArlene L. CosapeMindanao Law Journal 4 (4): 39-4620131908-7969NoLaw School
Arbitration: A Preferred Mode in Dispute Resolution in International Commercial TransactionsGeraldine Q. TiuMindanao Law Journal 4 (4): 23-3820131908-7969NoLaw School
Centralization of Stealth Henry Michael LlYusingcoMindanao Law Journal 4 (4): 1-2220131908-7969NoLaw School
CMO 46 s. 2012 and the Missions of Catholic SchoolsFr. Joel E. Tabora, S.J.Mindanao Law Journal 4 (4): 107-11420131908-7969NoUniversity President
Perspectives on the Negotiated Status of Filipino Irregular Migrants in JapanAnderson V. Villa, A. V. ManiTambara 30 (1): 17-4220130117-6323NoSchool of Arts and Sciences - International Studies
Disrespect and Political Resistance Honneth and the Theory of RecognitionRenante D. PilapilThesis eleven 114(1): 48-602013 of Arts and Sciences - Philosophy
Text, Tension and Territory: The Field of Academic Journal Publishing in Mindanao, 1968-2005Pamela R. CastrilloTambara 29 (1): 5-3620130117-6323NoSchool of Arts and Sciences - Languages
A Normative Analysis of the Moro Struggle and the Framework of Agreement of the BangsamoroRenante D. PilapilIQRA (Maiden Issue):57-5220132244-6648NoSchool of Arts and Sciences - Philosophy
The Water Energy Nexus: Exploring Options for Davao’s FutureRandell U. EspinaTambara 30 (1): 43-6020130117-6323NoSchool of Engineering and Architecture - Electronics & Communication
An Assessment on the Effects of Worldware Integration into the Electronics Engineering Curriculum: A Hierarchical ApproachRandell U. EspinaInternational Academy of Technology, Education and Development, ICERI 2013 Proceedings 3100-31112013NoSchool of Engineering and Architecture - Electronics & Communication
Notes from a Language ExerciseDavid John M. de los Reyes, SJTambara 30 (1): 81-9020130117-6323NoSchool of Arts and Sciences
How Sustainable is Bio-energy Production in the Philippines? A Conjoint Analysis of Knowledge and Opinions of People with Different Typologies in Applied EnergyLilibeth A. Acosta, Nelson. H. Enano, Damasa B. Magcale-Macandog, Kathreena G. Engay, Maria Noringa Q. Herrera, Ozy Boy S. Nicopio, MicIvan V. Sumilang, Jemimah Mae A. Eugenio, Wolfgang LuchtApplied Energy Special Issue on Advances in Sustainable Biofuel Production & Use & XIX International Symposium on Alcohol Fuels (ISAF) 102: 241-2532013 of Engineering and Architecture - Electronics & Communication
Challenges to Filipino Muslim IdentityMussolini S. LidasanIQRA 1: 1-5620132244-6648NoAl Qalam
Reflections on a StormFr. Daniel J. McNamara, S.J. Mindanao Law Journal 3 (3): 73-7620131908-7969NoSchool of Arts and Sciences - Environmental Science & Physics
Left Baire-1 Compositors and Continuous FunctionsEmmanuel A. Cabral, Jonald FeneciosInternational Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences Article ID 878253, 3 pages2013‎0161-1712 (print); 1687-0425 (web)YesSchool of Arts and Sciences - Mathematics
On Some Properties of Baire-1 FunctionsJonald P. Fenecios, Emmanuel A. CabralInternational Journal of Mathematical Analysis 7 (5-8): 393 - 4022013 (Print), 1314-7579 (Online) YesSchool of Arts and Sciences - Mathematics
Dielectric Constant of WaterRaymund S. Vizcarra, Fr. Francisco Glover, S.JPhilippine Journal Physics 3520130117-1550XNoSchool of Arts and Sciences - Physics
A Simpler Proof for the Ɛ-Õ Characterization of Baire Class One FunctionsJonald P. FeneciosReal Analysis Exchange: 39 (2): 441-4462013/14 of Arts and Sciences - Mathematics
Photoelectrochemical activity on Ga-polar and N-polar GaN surfaces for energy conversionYan-Gu Lin, Yu-Kuei Hsu, Antonio M. Basilio, Yit-Tsong Chen, Kuei-Hsien Chen, and Li-Chyong ChenOptics Express2014 Sciences and Mathematics
The Supreme Court Rules on Environmental Cases 5: (5): 1-8Jeffrey Jefferson Y. CoronelMindanao Law Journal20141908-7969NoLaw School
The Tragedy of the Southeast Asian Commons: Ritualism in ASEAN’s Response to the South China Sea Maritime DisputeJohn Harvey D. GamasEuropean Journal of East Asian Studies 13 (1): 33-492014 of Arts and Sciences - International Studies
Narratives of Community Resilience from Two Villages in North CotabatoRhodora Gail T. IlaganPhilippine Social Science Review 64 (2)2014 of Arts and Sciences - Psychology
Jaron Lanier’s Lock-In as Exemplified by FacebookJose Ma Y. TomacruzEubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 23 (6):202-20620141173-2571NoSchool of Arts and Sciences - Philosophy
Recognition as Redistribution: Rawls, Humiliation and Cultural InjusticeRenante D. PilapilCritical Horizons: A Journal of Philosophy and Social Theory 15, (3): of Arts and Sciences - Philosophy
Genotypic diversity of turmeric (Curcuma longa L.) accessions in Mindanao on the basis of curcumin ContentElvira A. Corcolon, Maribel L. Dionisio - SeseJournal Biodiversity and Environmental Sciences (JBES) 5 (4): 593-6002014http//www.innspub.netISSN: 2220-6663 (print), 222-3045 (online)YesSchool of Arts and Sciences - Biology
On A recent Characterization of Baire Class One FunctionJonald P. FeneciosThai Journal of Mathematics, 12 (3) of Arts and Sciences - Mathematics
Cytotoxicity and Apoptotic Activity of Ficus pseudopalma Blanco Leaf Extracts Against Human Prostate Cancer Cell LinesMa. Christina S. de las Llagas, Librado Santiago &John Donnie RamosTropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, 13 (1): 93-1002014http//www.tjpr.org1596-5996 (print), 1596-9827 (online)YesSchool of Arts and Sciences - Biology
Symmetry Groups of Single-wall NanotubesMa. Louise Antonette N. De Las Penas, Mark L. Loyola, Fr. Antonio M. Basilio, SJ, Eko Budi SantosoActa Crystallographica Section A: Foundations and Advances, 70: 12-232014 of Arts and Sciences - Chemistry
Adoption of Information and Communications Technology: An Evidence of Teacher Educational Institutions in Davao CityEddelyn D. GupeteoJournal of Modern Education Review, 4 (10): 830-836 2014NoSchool of Education
Tertiary Introductory Physics as some Educators See itRaymund S. VizcarraPhilippine Journal Physics 3620140117-150XNoSchool of Arts and Sciences - Physics
Towards the advancement of tertiary introductory physics teachers: Hopes, Dreams, and PassionsRaymund S. VizcarraPhilippine Journal Physics 3620140117-150XNoSchool of Arts and Sciences - Physics
Community Communication: The Journey of Radyo Tacunan Judith D. Dalagan, Joseph A. LaroscainTambara, 32 (1):19-4620150117-6323NoSchool of Arts and Sciences - Mass Communication
The Technologization of the Generation of Life in Humologous IVF Fil-Amor A. TutorTambara 32 (1): 47-6820150117-6323NoSchool of Arts and Sciences - Philosophy
Consumerism and the Post 9/11 Paranoia: Michel Focault on Power, Resistance and Critical ThoughtChristopher Ryan B. MabolocPhilosophia: Philosophical Journal of Israel, of Arts and Sciences - Philosophy
Explaining the Environmentally Sustainable Consumer Behavior: A Social Capital PerspectiveRodilina B. MarteSocial Responsibility Journal, 11 (4) of Business and Governance - Marketing
Laboratory Experiment: Forces and Archimedes’ PrincipleRaymund S. VizcarraPhilippine Journal Physics 3720150117-1550XNoSchool of Arts and Sciences - Physics
Promoting Service-Learning as a Pedagogy for Social Work Education: Lessons from the PhilippinesEpifania Melba L. ManapolInternational Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change 2 (1)2015http://www.ijicc.net2201-1323NoSchool of Arts and Sciences - Social Work
Lexical Borrowing: Threat to the Matisalug LanguageCheryl Pondevida-BaldricTambara, 32(2): 81-9020150117-6323NoSchool of Arts and Sciences-Humanities
Laboratory Experiments: Density and Archimedes PrincipleRaymund S. VizcarraPhilippine Journal Physics 3720150117-150XNoSchool of Arts and Sciences - Physics
Review on the Occurrence and Profiles of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers in the PhilippinesSusan A. Mackintosh, Josema S. Wallace,Michael S. Gross, Denice D. Navarro, Alicia Perez-Fuentetaja, Mehran Alaee, Doris Montecastro, Diana S. AgaEnvironment International, A Journal of Environmental Science, Risk and Health, of Arts and Sciences - Environmental Science
On the Way to Demographic Winter? Trends and Patterns of Elderly Population Using Philippine Census DataJerome SerranoTambara, 32 (2): 25-5220150117-6323NoSchool of Arts and Sciences - Sociology
An FPGA-in-the Loop Simulation of a Neural Network-based Optimization of
Greenhouse Supplemental Illumination
Alejandro H. Espera, Jr.International Journal of Computer Science and Electronics Engineering (IJCSEE), 3(4): 308-3142015–4028 NoSchool of Engineering and Architecture
Human and Social Capital and Environmental Management in Small Firms: A Developing Country PerspectiveRowena Mae C. de Jesus, Arlene L. CosapeAsian Journal of Business Ethics, 4 (2): of Business and Governance - Public Administration
Left Baire One Functions and Their Sets of DiscontinuityJonald P. Fenecios, Abraham P. Racca, Emmanuel A. CabralMathematica Bohemica, 141 (1):109-1142016mb.math.cas.cz0862-7959YesSchool of Arts and Sciences - Mathematics
On the Ethical and Democratic Deficits of Environmental PragmatismChristopher Ryan B. MabolocJournal of Human Values, 22 (2): 107-1142016http://jhv.sagepub.com097-16858YesSchool of Arts and Sciences - Philosophy
BuoyancyRaymund S. VizcarraPhilippine Journal Physics 3820160117-150XNoSchool of Arts and Sciences - Physics
"I Choked Her But I Did Not Punch Her": Constructions of Intimate Partner Violence Among Men in the PhilippinesHadji A. BalajadiaPsychological Studies : 16 (4) pp. 321-330 2016 (online)
0033-2968 (print)
NoSchool of Arts and Sciences-Psychology
Iris Marion Young's Critique of the Rawlsian Theory of JusticeChristopher Ryan MabolocThe Social Ethics Society, Inc2013-20162467-5784NoSchool of Arts and Sciences - Philosophy
Critical Thinking and Community of Inquiry within Professional Organizations in the Developing WorldPeter Paul ElicorJournal of Human Values, 23 (1), 1-82016NoSchool of Arts and Sciences-Humanities and Letters Cluster
Adorno and Granada: Progressive and 'Resistive' MusicPeter Paul ElicorSocial Ethics Society: Journal of Applied Philosophy, Vol.2, No. 1, 84-1022016NoSchool of Arts and Sciences-Humanities and Letters Cluster
Emmanuel Levinàs and Matthew Lipman: Towards a Critique of a Totalizing Tendency in Formal EducationPeter Paul ElicorPrajna Vihara Journal of Philosophy and Religion, Vol.17, No.2, 59-782016NoSchool of Arts and Sciences-Humanities and Letters Cluster
Rethinking Education: Matthew Lipman’s Thinking in EducationPeter Paul ElicorTambara: Interdisciplinary Journal of the Ateneo de Davao University2016NoSchool of Arts and Sciences-Humanities and Letters Cluster
Complexities and Irregularities in the Migration Stream from the Philippines to JapanAnderson V. VillaTambara, 33(1):1-2420160117-6323NoSchool of Arts and Sciences - International Studies
Poverty in the Bangsa Moro Region: A Case of Global JusticeJamil Adrian Kahlil L. MatalamTambara, 33(1):25-4220160117-6323NoSchool of Arts and Sciences-Philosophy
Rethinking Education: Matthew Lipman's Pedagogical Model Peter Paul E. ElicorTambara, 33(1):43-5820160117-6323NoSchool of Arts and Sciences-Philosophy
Duterte Benevolent Dictatorship May Just Be ReasonableVida Mia S. ValverdeTambara, 33(1):59-9320160117-6323NoSchool of Arts and Sciences-Philosophy
Exploring the Feasibility of an Educational Computer Game as Novel Means of Assessing Problem-Solving Competencies Michelle SoledadComputer in Education Division of ASEE 7 (4): 95-1032016NoSchool of Engineering and Architecture
Lived Experiences of Indigent Senior Citizens with Diabetes Mellitus on Nurse Caring and Accessibility of Health Services Apple G. Alvarez,
Grace E. Guitguiten,
Melba Irene G. Gabuya,
Leonardo L. Molina,
Cynthia G. Villanueva
St. Paul University Philippines International Research Conference Journal, 3(1):1-720172546-1613NoSchool of Nursing
Natural Family Planning: Experiences of Users in Areas Served by ADDU School of Nursing Liza G. Floresca,
Loreto Deonaleth B. Estor
St. Paul University Philippines International Research Conference Journal, 3(1):100-10620172546-1613NoSchool of Nursing
Dabawenyo's Caring Behaviours in Providing Elderly Care Anabel T. BauzonSt. Paul University Philippines International Research Conference Journal, 3(1):287-29320172546-1613NoSchool of Nursing
Sacred Fire ou les étapes de la suite du Christ: Sainte Thérèse d'Avila en dialogue avec Ronald Rolheiser, o.m.i.Arnella Francis D. ClamorFrench Carmelite Research Journal Recherches Carmélitaines: Le Monde est en Feu! Colloque du V centenaire de la naissance de Thérèse d'Avila2017978-2-84713-430-8School of Arts and Sciences-Theology Department
Mechanical Characterization of 3D-Printed PolymersJohn Ryan Dizon, Alejandro H. Espera, Jr. , Qiyi Chen, Rigoberto AdvinculaAdditive Manufacturing 20(1):44-672017 of Engineering and Architecture
Urban Faith Transits: Tactical Spaces in the Everyday OrdinaryNiel Joohn G. CapidosBudyong 2
(1): 67-82
20172507-878Department of Philosophy
Adsorption of Methylene Bue dye and Cu (II) ions on EDA-modified bentonite: Isothern, kinetic, and thermodynamic studiesMaria Leah Flor A. De CastroSustainable environment Research, 28 (5):97-205 2018
YesSchool of Engineering and Architecture
Comparison of Contention-based MAC Protocols for Underwater Sensor NetworksJenith BanlutaInternational Conference on Information Networking, 518-5232018YesSchool of Engineering and Architecture
Potential Technologies for Monitoring the Fate of Heavy Metals in the Philippines: A ReviewEleanor V. PalconitConference Paper of the 37th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing, ACRS, (2):1622-1632
2016YesSchool of Engineering and Architecture
On the Scientific Methods of Kuhn and Popper: Implications of Paradigm Shifts to Development Christopher Ryan MabolocPHILOSOPHIA: Philosophical Quarterly of Israel 16 (4): 1-13201700483893YesSchool of Arts and Sciences - Philosophy
From Institutions to Persons? Rawls and the Subject of JusticeRenante D. Pilapil Journal of Human Values 24 (3): 1-82018Yes School of Arts and Sciences
Notes on the China Sea Issue Rhisan Mae E. Morales Tambara, 33 (2)2016No School of Arts and Sciences- International Studies
Hotspots Detection in Photovoltaic Modules Using Infrared Thermography April SalazarMATEC Web of Conference (70), 70 2016YesSchool of Engineering and Architecture
Leveraging Institutional Data to Understand Student Perceptions of Teaching in Large Engineering Classes Michelle M. Soledad Frontiers in Education Conference and IEEE Explore Digital Library 20171539-4565YesSchool of Engineering and Architecture
Effects of Institutions on Ecological Attitudes and Behaviour of Consumers in a Developing Asian Country : The Case of the Philippines Rodilina B. Marte International Journal of Consumer Studies 39 (6):, 575-58520151470-6423YesSchool of Business and Governance - Marketing
Thomas Pogge and the Limits of Negative Duty Ian Clark Parcon Kritike (An Online Journal of Philosophy), 11 (1): 218-23420171908-7330YesSchool of Arts and Sciences - Philosophy
Transforming Technology and Manufacturing in the Age of 3-D Printing Alejandro H. Espera, Jr. Magazine for Nanotechnology (13): 20-222018NoSchool of Engineering and Architecture
Critical Thinking and the Community of Inquiry within the Professional Organisation in the Developing Countries Peter Paul E. Elicor Th Journal of Human Values , 23 (1): 13-202016Yes School of Arts and Sciences-Philosophy
Chemistry as a Creative Science Le Grande O. Dolino Foundations of Chemistry Journal 2017DOI 10.1007/s10698-017-9272-9Yes School of Arts and Sciences - Chemistry
Complexities and Irregularities in the Migration Stream from the Philippines to JapanAnderson V. VillaTambara, 33(1):77-932016NoSchool of Arts and Sciences - International Studies
Understanding Recruitment to Violent Extremism in MindanaoRhodora Gail T. IlaganTambara 34(1):1-362017NoSchool of Arts and Sciences - Psychology
Identifying Students' Persistence Profiles in Problem Solving TaskMichelle P. Banawan 2018YesSchool of Arts and Sciences- Computer Studies
Duterte Benevolent Dictatorship May Just Be Reasonable Mia S. Valverde Tambara 33(1):77-932016NoSchool of Arts and Sciences-Philosophy Department
Privileging Lumad Claims in the Bangsamoro Polemics: Imperatives for a Pluralist State ArbitrationRomeo T. Cabarde, Jr. Tambara 34(1):1-362017NoSchool of Arts and Sciences- Political Science Department