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CREATE 2019 Conference on Renewable Energy and Appropriate Technologies


               The Conference aims to become a premier platform for updating the state of R&D in renewable energy and appropriate technologies in Mindanao and deliberating of ways of their further development and deployment. The key stakeholders of the energy industry and appropriate technologies in Mindanao will tackle the state of R&D in this field and use the available researches to feed the discussions on the issues and sustainable solutions suitable to the context of Mindanao. The conference should become an avenue to exchange research ideas, experiences, technical, social, economic, and policy innovations to renewable energy and appropriate technology deployment in Mindanao and in the country as a whole. The conference will convene multiple discipline energy professionals, policy makers, members of the academe, researchers and other key players in the renewable energy and appropriate technology sector.

               The Conference Committee is inviting submission of abstracts of technical papers, academic articles, local and international initiatives on renewable energy and appropriate technologies, among others. The 1st Mindanao Renewable Energy Forum, co-organized with the Department of Energy and Mindanao Development Authority, will be held during the conference, which will tackle the present and future status of renewable energy in Mindanao. The topics that will be covered in the conference are basically the same as those covered by the Journal (see list below).

The two-day conference will have the following program:

Day 1 Morning Session 1

Morning Session 2

Afternoon Session 1

Afternoon Session 2


Plenary: Opening ceremonies, Keynote address, R&D Report

Parallel Sessions

Parallel Sessions

Parallel Sessions

Welcome Cocktails/Dinner

Day 2 Morning Session 1

Morning Session 2

Afternoon Session 1

Afternoon Session 2

Parallel Sessions

Parallel Sessions

Plenary: 1st Mindanao Renewable Energy Forum

Plenary: Closing, Awarding and Giving of Certificates

Day 3 Whole Day (Optional) Arranged technical and cultural tour

Awards and Publication

               Recognition will be accorded to well-written and well-presented papers. Select papers will be invited for publication in the peer-reviewed journal of Mindanao Renewable Energy and Appropriate Technologies. The papers will be peer-reviewed by local and international experts in the field. The rest of the papers will be published in the Proceedings of the Conference on Renewable Energy and Appropriate Technologies. A Book of Abstracts will also be provided during the conference.

               The Mindanao Renewable Energy Champion of the Year will also be recognized during the conference.


R & D papers that advance the scholarship of the following topics are invited to submit to the journal for peer-review and publication:

  • Emerging renewable energy harvesting technologies (solar, marine, bioenergy, hydro, geothermal, wind, hybrid systems, storage, etc.)
  • Sustainable practices in missionary electrification
  • Materials for renewable energy and appropriate technologies
  • Integration of variable renewables
  • Energy efficiency and demand side management
  • Low carbon urban and rural development
  • Power system design, operation, and interconnection
  • Techno-economic analysis of renewable energy projects
  • Energy systems modeling
  • Energy products and service valuation and valorization
  • Energy resource assessment methodologies
  • Environmental monitoring technologies
  • Appropriate technologies in the sectors of energy, food, water, transport, telecom

               This peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal aims to disseminate the state of research and development of sustainable energy systems and appropriate technologies that are contour-fitted to the context of Mindanao. The papers that are included in the journal are envisioned to feed and stir the technological, entrepreneurial and policy design processes in the energy industry and other technology-based sectors in Mindanao. The Journal will practically input the discussions during the Mindanao Renewable Energy Forum, which happens during the Conference on Renewable Energy and Appropriate Technologies in August (Kadayawan week) every year.

              The Journal advocates the development and deployment of clean energy systems and power generation technologies that utilize energy resources that are replenishable on a human timescale and has a technology bias for small-scale, decentralized, autonomous, locally fitted, people-centered and environmentally benign technologies that promote and assist sustainable functioning of communities.

              The board of editors of the journal is composed of researchers from the Mindanao Renewable Energy R&D Center (MREC) and the Center for Renewable Energy and Appropriate Technologies (CREATE) of the Ateneo de Davao University. The members of the advisory board of the journal are among the key stakeholders in the energy and technology sectors in Mindanao.  The board of reviewers is composed of scholars in the field of energy and appropriate technologies from reputable academic and research institutions in the country and abroad.

              The Journal invites papers for consideration as the main article, editorial, or review article and should follow the IEEE format of writing. All submissions are to be subjected to anonymous review by at least two experts in the field. Thus, there is no reference to the authors in the manuscript should be made. The review process will normally take four to six weeks after which the authors will be informed about the Journal Editors’ decision.

              Sample of research topics that can be included in the Journal are the following: renewable energy harvesting, missionary electrification, grid integration of variable renewables, DSM and energy efficiency, low carbon urban and rural development, energy products and service valorization, systems modeling and other appropriate technologies in the area of water, energy, food, transport, and telecom.

Submissions should be sent through the contact information provided below. The Journal aims to be published in June and December each year.

The Editors
Mindanao Renewable Energy and Appropriate Technologies
CREATE Office, 8th Floor CCFC
Ateneo de Davao University
Tel: 221-2411 Local 8293

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