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Tracking of Published Faculty

Memorandum No. 2013-2014-06
February 5, 2014

RE: Tracking of Published Faculty

On March 7, 2014 (Friday), during the activity hour, the Ateneo de Davao University, through its University Council, shall hold the 2nd RECOGNITION CEREMONIES for UNIVERSITY RESEARCH and PUBLICATIONS.

Among those to be honored are the Faculty Members (full-time and part-time) who published any research-based article or book from the period June 25, 2012 until the present. The published material need NOT be based on a research project funded by the University, NOR have gone through the University Publications Office. [A research-based paper presented at some Conference but eventually published as part of the Conference Proceedings . . . certainly qualifies.]

Concerned faculty members who are in the abovementioned category are asked to submit the following,

– the name of the Faculty member
– the title of the published article, paper, book, monograph
– the publication data [for articles: the journal, the date; for books: publisher, place of publication, year]
– [for articles in journals: an additional indication of the kind of journal for special recognition/award is to be given those who published at refereed journals put out by reputable universities and colleges and those at ISI-, TRI-, and IBJ-levels] Please note though that the granting of monetary incentives shall be governed by the GUIDELINES FOR JOURNAL PUBLICATION MONETARY INCENTIVES and off-hand this is an incentive available solely for full-time faculty members.

Furthermore, those faculty members who actually published before June 25, 2012 but who were not included in the First Recognition Ceremonies (simply because no one knew) may likewise submit.

Please send the data to your respective Assistant Dean/ Dean on or before February 17, 2014, so that the needed plaques of appreciation and monetary incentives (if applicable) can be prepared in time for the March 7, 2014 ceremonies.

Call for Proposals

Memorandum No. 2013-2014-05
February 4, 2014




The University Research Council with the approval of the University President announces the call for the submission of research proposals for funding support on the occasion of the Commemoration of the Bicentennial of the Restoration of the Society of Jesus.

All Jesuit Fathers and Brothers, other full-time faculty members, administrators and regular members of the non-teaching personnel are invited to submit a research proposal for review and approval of the University Research Council. Please refer to attached document for details.

For your information and guidance.

In Commemoration of the Bicentennial of the Restoration of the Society of Jesus

Research Thrust/Theme

1.     Mission & Identity
2.     Jesuit Evangelization of Davao City
3.     The Jesuit Stations of Mindanao (Late 19th c. –contemporary)
4.     Missiology: Pre- and Post-Vatican II
5.     Contribution of John Vianney Seminary to the Local Church
6.     Jesuit Names in the Moon*

General Norm

“It is strongly encouraged that researches should adopt culture and gender sensitivity and rights-based framework as cross-cutting themes.”

Review and Approval of Research Proposals

1.     A submission of full blown proposal is required for application to this research grant.
2.     The format of the full blown proposal shall be based on the APA Format set by the Graduate School of the University. It shall contain Title, Name/s of Proponent/s, Objectives, and Significance of the Study & Methodology. The proponent shall likewise describe the significance of the study relative to the specific purpose of this Call for Proposal.
3.     The proposal shall be accompanied by the proponent’s recommendation regarding budget, fund source (if there are other sources), research load arrangements (e.g. loading equivalence, research leave), and work plan complete with time line or GANTT Chart. The proposal shall likewise be accompanied by the certification of immediate academic supervisor with notation from the Unit Head/ or the immediate supervisor with notation from the Director of HRMDO for the Non-teaching personnel pertinent to the availability of the concerned proponent to undertake the research.
4.     The criteria for assessment of the proposal include: Relevance of the topic to the specific purpose of this Call for Proposal, Appropriateness of Methods, Technical Soundness, Compliance with Ethical Norms, Reasonability of budget and Capacity of proponent to accomplish research.
5.     The full-blown proposal shall be submitted on or before March 4, 2014.
6.     Review of Proposal is scheduled on March 12, 2014. Topics beyond specific competence of URC members and/or those that would require ethical reviews will be referred to rightful person/s or body for review.
7.     The URC shall officially communicate to concerned persons outcome of deliberations in time for awarding of research grants on March 13, 2014. Awarded research grants shall be covered by a corresponding contract. Execution of such shall be initiated by the URC with the terms and conditions contained therein to be mutually agreed upon by parties involved. Review of the provisions of the Professional Service Contract (PSC) will be on March 17, 2014. Schedule for the awarding of the research grant will be announced to the successful grantees.
8.     All submitted proposals shall be used solely for URC deliberation for the purpose of awarding the Research Grant on the occasion of the Commemoration of the Bicentennial of the Restoration of the Society of Jesus
9.     All proposal/s shall be submitted to the URC both in soft and hard copy (duplicate). The soft copy shall be forwarded to the and or
10.     The hard copy shall be submitted to the Office of the University Research Services (OURS), Basement of Finster Building, Ateneo de Davao University, C.M. Recto St., Davao City.

*Strongly recommended for the Grade School Unit to Pursue