University Research Council

One of three coequal Councils of the University, the University Research Council (URC) is mandated to promote, encourage and celebrate research and publication in the University. It is a collegial body of seven researching peers who are appointed by the University President.

The Council is headed by a Chair who is elected by the members from among themselves. The Chair is assisted by an Executive Secretary who is likewise chosen in the same manner as the Chair. In the performance of its policy-making function, the Council is aided by its standing committee, the University Research and Publication Committee (URPC) and the University Office of Research Services (UORS). The staff of UORS reports directly to the Executive Secretary.

The members of the Council are to serve for a period of three years. A member may resign from the Council prior to the expiration of the term subject to the approval of the University President. Any vacancy shall be dealt with by the President.

Functions and Responsibilities
  1. Recommends to the University President policies pertinent to research and publication;
  2. Formulates and recommends to the University President agenda and objectives pertinent to research and publication as well as standards of the University in the conduct of the same;
  3. Comes up with plans, sets up enabling procedures and devises structures in carrying out its mandate;
  4. Manages the research budget of the University that is principally aimed for incubation of research at the University and accomplishment of research demanded by the University’s Mission;
  5. Runs and implements the overall research proposal evaluation process for the entire University, and submits the results of its review and evaluation as recommendations to the University President;
  6. Reviews all research and publication-related contracts, and submits the results of its review and evaluation as recommendations to the University President;
  7. Evaluates the quality of research submitted for purposes of merit, rank and promotion;
  8. Ensures close communication, relationship, and cooperation among research and publication offices;
  9. Exercises oversight function over offices, centers and institutes within the University that are primarily oriented towards publication and research. The oversight function of the Council over centers and institutes within the University shall be construed in a manner that offices, centers and institutes within the University are primarily oriented towards publication and research. The offices, centers and institutes shall:

a. Receive support (i.e., seed money) to help them get started and/or sustain their operations, such as starting office equipment, furniture and supplies; special training programs and/ or capability-building workshops for its own personnel and staff; wages/honorarium for specific, short-term jobs needed for the office; generalized support for communication and coordination purposes; and projects.

b. Enjoy operational independence in the arena of their regular, day-to-day, project-to-project operations. Said entities shall work in conjunction with their respective home departments with the exception of an entity which per the mandate of the University President shall be associated with the URC and not any Department;

c. Submit report to the URC in this sequence, opening of the school year, a basic plan for the entire year; in time for the August Board of Trustees meeting, an update relative to the Year’s Plan; in time for the February Board of Trustees meeting, another update; yearend report, report of activities and projects relative to concerned agenda and vision–mission, funding accessed outside the University and its utilization and a note on specific help/support requested from the URC for the incoming school year;

d. Coordinate with and be accountable to the URC when it comes to research agenda; and funding, budget proposal process and office and project funds; and

e. Assist the URC in certain tasks pertinent to the emergence of an ADDU manner of proceeding in the arena of research and publication.

URC Standing Committee

C1. University Research and Publication Committee

The University Research and Publication Committee is a standing committee of the URC. It is comprised of members who were appointed by the University President for a period of three years upon the recommendation of the URC. The members were nominated by their respective Units.  A member may resign from the Committee prior to the expiration of the term subject to the approval of the URC.  Any vacancy shall be filled up in a manner through which the URPC was convened.

The URPC reports directly to the URC. It primarily assists the URC in the performance of its policy formulation function. Specifically, it shall initiate the process of formulating policies upon the instance of the URC and shall forward to the latter its recommendation.

Ateneo de Davao University Adminsitrative Manual Rev. 2012, pp. 54-55